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  CMC May Mawlid - Join us for the May Mawlid this month with Shaykh Babikir. Also joining us will be Mouaz al-Nass, Faaiz, and Faseeh Biabani, Munshid artists and drum specialists. Light Refreshments will be served. 

Come celebrate and remember the Prophet! Your presence honors us as we come together in a feast for the souls. Experience devoted munshideen, learned scholars, a revival of tradition, and love of the Prophet, may peace and blessings be upon him, that is rare to find.

Your families and children (5+) are welcome. Please make the proper babysitting arrangements at home if necessary.  
Your Host: Chicago Mawlid
Shaykh Babikir Bio:
Shaykh Babikir is a descendant of a companion of the Prophet Mohammed (saws), the noble Sayyidina Abu Bakr(ra).
Shaykh Babikir is a traditional Muslim scholar, poet, counselor, and public speaker.Shaykh Babikir (sometimes known as Shaykh Ahmed Abubakr) has been actively involved in Dawah in the UK since the 7O's.
He is cu...
What: CMC May Mawlid
Where: IMAN's Youth & Arts Wellness Center
2745 West 63rd St.
IL, 60629
When: May 25th, 2013, 7pm
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