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  University East  Jan 26 District Meeting - This is your invite for:
January 26, Saturday,University East District Meeting@ 4 PM  
At Mariam's place: 6719 S. East End
District Chanting (tozo) on Tuesday, Jan 22, @ 7 PM
CKen Jone's place 5226 S Ingleside, 1N  
Your Host: University East District
Join us this jan 26th, Saturday evening at 4 PM for our District MEETING We will cover Topic from JAN 2013 Living Buddhism: Mariam and Christine will do a "vision board" discussion to capture how "we create victory with our practice". PLEASE THNK ABOUT YOUR vICTORY GOAL THIS YEAR!
Youth leadder to explain soka spirit guidance. district YMD per...
What: January University East District Meeting
Where: Mariam' Thiam's home (only for January)
6719 S. East End.
Chicago, IL
phone 773 251 5390
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When: January 26th, 2013, 3:30pm

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