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  Bundles of Cheer - Please join us on FRIDAY, December 7th at  4:30 pm  to put together baggies for the homeless.  Where: Eagle Lake Park . Read  for details.  
Holiday Circle Burst designed by Elaine Stephenson
Your Host: Caroline Carter and Family
What is Bundle of Cheer? A friend event where everyone gathers to put together Cheer Bags for the Homeless. If everyone brings at least 20 count of one item, then we can stuff the baggies with multiple necessities. I am asking for people to RSVP their item as their POTLUCK so that I will know exactly how many baggies we will need (and I can let ...
What: Bundles of Cheer
Where: Eagle Lake Park
1800 Keene Road Largo, FL 33771
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When: December 7th, 2012, 4:30pm

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