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  Mary's Surprise 60th! - YOU SHOULD REALLY BE THERE! 
It's going to be a good time! Come celebrate Mary's 60th birthday, but SHHHHH it's a surprise!
Spiky Circles Photo designed by Marcia Copeland
Your Host: Her daughters
Mary is going to be super excited to share her 60th birthday with great friends! We will be having cupcakes, drinks and finger foods. Mary has NO idea about this party and we're hoping to keep it that way! She loves Karaoke so I have asked some friends to bring their equiptment so we could have a good time! I will be loading an app...
What: Mary's 60th Surprise Party!
Where: Special Occasions House
Hwy 64 going into Pottsville. The yellow house with white pillars across from the Post Office.
When: June 8th, 2013, 6pm

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