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  Shhh!!!  It's a Surprise! - You are invited to a Surprise Pot-Luck celebration in honor of Laurabeth Otterstrom's retirement!  
Please RSVP if you will be able to attend and include the dish you plan on bringing. 

It can be as simple as a plate
 of cookies or a main dish!  

Team Leaders and Managers - please share the link provided with anyone who would also like to celebrate with us!
Your Host: Marcie Davidson, Ginny Yablonski, and Laura Erno
Team Leaders and Managers - please send a link of this invitation to your teams and/or any others that may want to join in on this celebration!
Please RSVP if you will be able to attend, and include the dish you plan on bringing. Be creative, it could be a main dish or a plate of cookies!
Laurabeth has been with TE for 34 years and we'd lik...
What: Laurabeth Otterstrom's Surprise Retirement Pot-Luck Party
Where: 2800 Fulling Mill Road, TE Learning Rooms 2 & 4
When: May 1st, 2013, 11:30am

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    Your host would like the following item(s) brought to the event.
    Item Brought By Needed
    Various Pot-Luck foods! thomas.reynolds (1) 14
    Casserole(s) rebecca.hill (1) 4
    Main Dish(es) smdanner (1) 4
    Side Dish(es) krgrimm (1) 4
    Cookies / Smaller Items 5
    Main Dishes 6
    Side Dishes 6
    Small Plates 6
    Smaller Plates (fruit /cookies / chips etc) 6
    Add an item to the list Meatballs - SMD & PMB smdanner (1) 0
    Antipasta Salad - Linda Mailey lareinhold (1) 0
    Calico baked beans jessica.hunt (1) 0